Monthly Women’s Circles

A women’s circle guides you on a journey, it makes space for you to spiral deeply within and create inner shifts; it is a safe container for magic to flow through. As women sit in a sacred circle, we feel safe, seen, heard, held and witnessed on our journeys through life. It is a space free of judgement, competition, expectation, pressure and demands from the outside world.

It is a space for us to just ‘be’, belong, turn inwards and reconnect to ourselves and each other. All over the world women are returning to the ancient practice of sitting in a circle. Gathering under the moon as we remember how to hold space for each other and ourselves.

Full Moon Monthly Women’s Circles

Are you feeling the call to be held in circle? Are you interested in astrology? Do you feel a connection to lunar energy? Would you like to gather with other women in circle to heal sisterhood wounds and cultivate deep connection through spiritual and magical meditation, ceremony, rituals and practices?

I prepare, create and hold space for women to sit in circle. Women’s circles take you deeply into the womb of the feminine where you have the opportunity to heal deep wounds and create deep connections with other women and yourself. They encourage you to embrace and make use of your magic, wisdom and medicine. As we learn together how to root into cyclical living, our circle becomes a place to share and listen, to be seen and held, it is where we learn how to come ‘home’ to ourselves and each other.

My women’s circle will involve different aspects

We will gather each month under the beautiful full moon to share our truths, love, wisdom, pain, laughter… and much more.

We will learn about cyclical living and astrological influences, as well as enjoying meditation, journaling and much more!

My women’s circles are focused around developing a deep connection with yourself, the earth and with other women

Together we will look at astrological influences and the cyclical nature of life, both all around us, and within ourselves. We also focus on feminine and sisterhood wounding. In our modern patriarchal society, the feminine has been suppressed and distorted, women are pitted against each other creating competition, judgement, and conflict in our relationships. In the circle we learn how to deeply and authentically connect with each other: we share, listen, build trust and learn that through sisterhood, we are empowered in so many ways.

The full moon women’s circles meet once a month, in the evening in Shaw, a village just outside of Melksham

There is a rough structure to the time we spend together, but it is more important that we allow for organic flow so the group can create what is needed. A typical circle begins by sharing herbal tea together as we settle in, followed by sharing in a circle where we listen and connect with each other. Aligned with the current astrological influences and seasons, we will do a range of activities to promote self-reflection, connection and communication and creativity such as meditation, journaling, singing, craft, rituals and ceremonies.

Know that you are accepted, just as you are.

In a circle, you don’t have to pretend to be someone you are not, you can drop any masks you may have been wearing and know that you are accepted, just as you are. It’s a place for you to surrender and be present in the ‘now’.

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