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Humanistic & Integrative In Person Psychotherapy in Melksham, Wiltshire, near Bath.

I provide healing spaces for your soul

Hello, I am Kelly and welcome to my website. I create safe therapeutic spaces in Melksham, Wiltshire, to support people on their healing journeys.

I do this through my psychotherapy practice, my monthly women’s circles and various workshops and retreats that I offer throughout the year covering different topics. I am also a Reiki and Rahanni Celestial Healing practitioner.

I provide both of these complementary energy healing therapies individually or alongside psychotherapy. Please read on to find out more and check back regularly for updates on my upcoming offerings.


Are you struggling with something specific in your life that is causing you concern or holding you back? Do you have a sense that something doesn’t feel right, but you aren’t sure what it is? Most of us will suffer with some kind of psychological distress at some point in our lives, this is normal. Reaching out for support can be hard but talking to a psychotherapist can help ease that distress and set you on a path of healing, self-discovery and personal growth.

I am a Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapist (MA, Dip HIP) with 8 years experience providing in-person psychotherapy for individual adults (18+) over a short term and long term basis. Together we can work in a safe, confidential, and non-judgemental space so you can explore the challenges you are facing, gain deeper insight and understanding about yourself, heal from past hurts and deepen your connections with yourself and others whilst moving towards fulfilling your full potential.

I also offer Reiki and Rahanni healing for mind, body and soul, as well as monthly women’s circles which offer a space to experience healing and connection to self and others through the power of circle and sisterhood. For more information please visit my Rahanni & Reiki, and Monthly Women’s Circle pages.

How can psychotherapy help you?

Modern life can be stressful and busy, with little time to take stock, reflect on our lives, and explore our thoughts and feelings in detail. Psychotherapy takes you deep into your depths to explore all parts of your 'self', your wounds, your conditioning, your habits, your perspectives, your behaviours, your relationships. This leads to an uncovering and discovery of your true core essence or your soul. As your therapist, I am here to listen with warm empathy, to offer you fresh perspectives, and to empower you to reconnect with your ‘self’ to find your own answers from within.

I work with difficulties such as:



Suicidal thoughts

Grief and loss



Low confidence and low self-esteem

Relationship difficulties




Trust and commitment difficulties

And much more... For more information about how Thirteen Moons Psychotherapy in Melksham, Wiltshire, near Bath, can help, please see my Psychotherapy page or get in touch.

Energy Healing

I offer Rahanni Healing and Reiki Healing sessions which work on the mind, body and soul by utilising universal life force energy all around us to provide physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

I provide singular or regular sessions for energy healing depending on your needs. I can provide sessions for both children and adults.

Soul Sessions

Soul Sessions are a new offering created by me which combines my gifts into one unique offering. I will utilise my skills and expertise as a Psychotherapist and Energy Healer to bring you a deep healing session.

Each Soul Session lasts for two hours.

Full Moon Women's Circle

I currently hold two full moon women's circles. One is a closed group which is currently full and the second is an open group which is open to anyone to join each month. My next open group full moon women's circle is on Friday 26th January. Please send me a message via the contact form for more information or to book your space.

Please follow my Instagram page: @13thirteen_moons for any further updates.


For any booking requests or information about Thirteen Moons, Women's Circles, Reiki or Rahanni healing or to book an initial Psychotherapy session in Melksham, Wiltshire, please contact me using the contact form provided and I will get back to you as soon as I can. All communication is confidential, using private and secure phone and email.


I work from a private and comfortable therapy room in Melksham, Wiltshire. There is outside access to the therapy room and street parking is available.

My practice is accessible from Bath, Trowbridge, Devizes, Chippenham, Calne, Corsham, Bradford on Avon and the surrounding areas.

Women’s circles are currently held in a yoga studio in Shaw.


My current fee for psychotherapy is £65 per session. If we work together, you will commit to a weekly session which lasts 50 minutes.

  • Reiki Healing: £65 per 1 hour session
  • Rahanni Healing: £65 per 1 hour session
  • Soul Session: £130 per 2 hour session - (Talking therapy, healing therapy and oracle card reading).
  • Women’s Circles: £33 per circle.

Please contact me about availability.

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